Episode 4: If You’re Coping and You Know It Clap Your Hands

Cori and Kaylee discuss infertility coping mechanisms. Good ones, bad ones, healthy ones, harmful ones. Thank you to our followers who submitted theirs!

Betasode 3: Little Weather Girl Kaylee, Dr. Dick Shrivel, and Consent During IVF

What’s up infertiles? Today’s betasode is a random one. Cori and Kaylee discuss the fires in Colorado, young Kaylee’s weather girl dreams and cloud obsessions, how we want to die, Cori implicates herself in a hypothetical crime, and then FINALLY we discuss Dr. Dick Shrivel and the importance of consent when going through IVF. It’s a whole rollercoaster of topics, so strap in!

Episode 3: Suck It Nosey Karens

Cori and Kaylee respond to horrible infertility related questions and comments submitted by listeners! To all the nosey Karen’s out there, our infertility is our business. Just like our sexual orientation, our gender identification, and really just anything else about ourselves we don’t offer up to you. To all the people named Karen who aren’t “Karen’s”, we’re sorry people ruined your name. And to all of our listeners who have been asked these questions, no one is owed an explanation you don’t want to give. Not sure what to say? Your inf*ckingfertile friends got you covered.

Episode 2: Drunk Infertility History – The First Successful Embryo Transfer

*drunk hiccup*

OKAY guys listen… listen… we gonna *hic* tell you a little summthnn. SHHH… shhh.. ok herrgoes.

Hoping you read that in your drunk voice, otherwise we just look dumb. If you didn’t, go back and do it again. We’ll wait.

Good? Good.

In this episode: Kaylee has ONE beer, gets drunk, and teaches us all about the first successful embryo transfer resulting in a live birth. We also discuss hair care mishaps and count Kaylee’s drunk burps. She’s a sexy one, she is.

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Peace out.

PS – If you end up needing a scalp brush, click HERE for the exact one Cori has. Kaylee got hers and already loves it. GAME. CHANGER.

Outtake: Siblings, Adoption and AncestryDNA!

What’s up guys?!

Here’s a little outtake from our first episode. We had to cut some things out, basically because we talk a lot. But don’t worry, if something is really funny but left out for the sake of time, we’ll be sure to keep up the outtake posts!

In this minisode, we talk about our siblings (and our duties as the oldest), adopted family, and share our Ancestry DNA results!

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Oh, and if you haven’t listened to our first epi yet, find it RIGHT HERE.

Let’s Get It Started!

*clears throat*

*best Bruce Buffer voice*

iiiiiiiiiittt’sssss TTIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMEEEEE!!!!

What’s up guys?! We know we have been teasing you for a minute about this podcast. If we’re honest, it was less about creating excitement and more about us figuring out the internet. But hey, if teens can do it… surely us Millennials who were the FIRST GENERATION RAISED ON THE INTERNET can too right? Right.

*deep breath*

So here it is! Our first episode! In this episode, Cori is going to give you some background info on her experience with infertility and child loss. Kaylee is going to make comments about loose vagina. Both of us are braless. You can’t see that part because this isn’t that kind of website.

We hope you like us… er… our podcast and decide to hang out a while!

Love always,

Your Infuckingfertile Friends

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